Equity and Derivatives
ADINATH Trading Platform offers online equity & derivative trading facilities for investors who are looking for the ease and convenience and hassle free trading experience. We provide ODIN Application, which is a high -end, integrated trading application for fast, efficient and reliable execution of trades. You can now trade in the NSE from any destination at your convenience. You can access a multitude of resources like live quotes, charts, research, advice, and online assistance helps you to take informed decisions. You can also trade through our branch network by registering with us as our client. You can also trade through us on phone by calling our designated representatives in the branches where you are registered as a client.

Special arrangements for day traders available at our Head Office .

Portfolio Management Service

In today’s complex financial markets, successful investing demands time and expertise. As financial complexity expands, managing own investments can become a daunting task. Given the scenario, Portfolio management service (PMS) offers ideal vehicle to investors looking for specialized investment strategies.

At ADINATH, with an objective of ‘‘creating wealth for client in a sustainable, consistent manner with ‘Safety First’ principle’” approach, we offer fee-based discretionary investment advisory services.

Investment Philosophy

  1. Focus on ‘Preserving Capital’
  2. Value oriented buy and hold investment style
  3. Buy stocks with large margin of safety
  4. Focus on Absolute return rather thant Relative return
  5. Stock specific selection procedure based on fundamental research
  6. Disciplined Investment Process to minimize risk